A unique combination of Collagen, Aloe Vera and a number of essential oils in a white topical formulation, providing temporary relief from aches and pains, sore aching muscles and tired feet. In addition to the well documented properties of Aloe Vera the cream also release a cool sensation to help soothe inflammed skin when applied.

This product is agreat complement to Pure-Col Collagen capsules

100 ml Tube   RRP £13.95

PainNoMore is a unique combination of Collagen, Aloe Vera and a number of herbal extracts in a white topical formulation.

Pain No More may bring great benefits to people experiencing the following:

  • Muscle and Joint Pain - The Masssage Lotion may help to relieve the pain and facilitate joint movement.
  • Tired, aching feet and muscles.
  • Neck tension and headaches - for headaches rub the massage Lotion into the skin round the temples (not too close to the eyes).

In addition to the well documented properties of Aloe Vera the cream also contains the benefits of a number of herbal extracts to soothe and release a cool sensation when applied to the skin.


Directions for use of PainNoMore:


Apply a thin layer of cream where needed and gently massage in until absorbed. This can be repeated up to 6 times a day. For extra benefit keep the cream in the fridge and apply after a warm bath/shower.


  • Keep away from children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not apply to broken skin or areas near the eyes.
  • Do not use if sensitive to any of the ingredients.
  • If irritation develops discontinue use.

Pure-Col PainNoMore Customer Reviews

"I would like to tell how much improved I and my family are after using the Aloe Vera Massage Lotion. I have bought this for my elderly father for some months as he has pains in his knees due to arthritis. My daughter also suffers from the same ailment and has arthritis in many parts of her body. My father recommended this to her and she started using the lotion and has found it very helpful in easing the pain of her condition. As a result of the benefits they found, I too have used this lotion and have found that my knees and wrists have greatly improved.
I have tried many different creams as have we all and tended to return to taking Ibuprofen, as very little improvement resulted from other massage products. However all three of us have had a good result from this. It is unusual for three generations of the same family to equally benefit and I thought you should know how good your product has been."

 - Valerie, Whitley Bay

"As a gym owner and personal trainer, I find the Pain No More massage lotion excellent following a strenuous workout and have recommended it to a number of clients. It certainly helps to sooth aching muscles when applied after a shower and particularly helps to loosen up my shoulders.... good stuff."

 - Matt, Dorset

"I would like you to know how beneficial your Pure-Col PainNoMore lotion has been to myself and my granddaughter. We both suffer from arthritis of the knees and Pure-Col has helped relieve the symptoms."

 - Norman, Northumberland

"I received the new Pure-Col PainNoMore and as I had a stiffness and pain in one shoulder and neck for 2 to 3 weeks, I used the massage cream and 3 days later ..... more pain!! Great."

 - Steve, Surrey