Acai Berry Scams

Don’t Be A Victim of an Acai Berry Scam

As the latest Superfood to hit the headlines, the Acai Berry has suffered from scam sites, and low quality product both of which have shaken buyer confidence. The Acai Berry is not the problem, but some cheap production techniques, over stated weight loss claims, and unscrupulous people have caused problems.

1. Low Quality Products

When the Acai Berry started receiving a lot of publicity for it's ability to help lose weight and it’s many other benefits, a vast number of Acai Berry products appeared on the market. Some of these are good quality and some are not. Fortunately it’s easy to spot which products are of little benefit.

The benefits associated with the Acai Berry are only present when the fruit is in its natural form. Once the fruit is picked it quickly starts to lose its goodness. Therefore it is vital that the fruit is freeze dried to preserve those benefits. If a product has been manufactured without using the freeze drying technique, do not buy it.

Unfortunately, there are a number of Acai Berry products claiming to have all the benefits of the natural Acai berry fruit, where in truth they probably have very little goodness left. If a product is an extract derived product it'll probably have no real positive health effects. It is vital that any product has been produced using the freeze dried technique.

Try to remember these easy ways to ensure a quality product.

           1. Always buy pure Acai berry products

           2. Always buy Freeze Dried Acai Berry

           3. Avoid other manufacturing processes

           4. Buy Organic Acai as this avoids chemicals

           5. Avoid products with additional ingredients

           6. Avoid products that only include the Acai berry fruit as a minor ingredient


2. Extreme Weight Loss.

One of the biggest things some people claim is that acai berry supplements will lead to rapid, even extreme, weight loss. These claims are misleading, and some would say constitute a scam.

Acai berries are high in antioxidants which should make you feel better and make you more active. This will burn more calories and could lead to weight loss. They are also high in fiber which can help regulate your body and also lead to weight loss. There are even reports that it acts like an appetite suppressant so you may eat less.

If you are being told acai berries are going to make you lose weight all by themselves, you are probably being scammed.

3. Free Trials. This is probably the most highly controversial part of the Acai Berry story. These promotions, which are not only confined to Acai berry products, basically involve a company giving away a free trial of a given supplement. You usually pay for shipping and handling. However some people don't realize you are agreeing to a monthly auto-shipment unless or until you cancel. This can lead to unexpected shipments and charges on the card you used to pay for the shipping on the free trial.

If you are aware you are on auto-shipment this can be a convenient method to purchase products. Unfortunately, if you don't pay attention and get hit with extra charges, it can quickly become a negative situation. If you have experienced unexpected charges, you will have a negative view of auto-shipment and free trials. However you may have had a good experience or no experience at all.

When considering auto-shipment/free trials it is worth considering:

  1. Few things in life are truly free.
  2. Not all companies are reputable.
  3. Some Acai Berry retailers are not transparent about additional shipments or how much they will cost. If you are getting something free up front, there is probably a recurring shipment you will have to cancel or face extra charges.
  4. If you do decide to opt for a free trial, be sure you know how to cancel any auto-shipment. These free trials are what most people think of as the acai berry scam


NOTE: Please not that Sanctum Health does not participate in any Free Trial/Auto-Shipment schemes and only sells Pure Acai products made from freeze dried acai berries.