Perfect Vascular Natural All In One - Cholesterol Lowering Supplement

Perfect Vascular Natural is an exciting alternative to statins, which may help maintain healthy cholesterol. Perfect Vascular Natural combines two natural ingredients that have been shown in multiple independent clinical trials to reduce total cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides as effectively as prescription statins.

Perfect Vascular Natural All in One is a new natural pharmaceutical-grade supplement, which has shown in clinical tests to lower cholesterol in line with prescription medication, with no known side effects.

A clinically tested heart health supplement combining the ‘natural statin’ red yeast rice, plant sterols and CoQ10.

The Proprietary Blend and Percentage of each ingredient in All in One have been fully tried, researched and tested over fours years to ensure its effectiveness.

Reversing rising cholesterol levels can be done safely, quickly, and naturally without prescriptions or chemical medication like statins.

Perfect Vascular Natural is manufactured in the United Kingdom, at a well respected GMP Laboratory, to very exact specifications and high quality.

Containing only naturally sourced ingredients, clinically trialed, including red yeast rice, phytosterols and Co Q10.

120 Capsules per tub = 1 month supply

RRP £35.00

Perfect Vascular Natural - Cholesterol Lowering Supplement

Perfect Vascular Natural is an exciting new natural pharmaceutical-grade supplement, which has been shown to lower cholesterol in line with prescription medication, with no known side effects.

High cholesterol

This a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD), which causes 1 in 2 deaths in the UK. High cholesterol is considered by leading medical experts to be our biggest silent killer.

A high level of cholesterol in the blood doesn't have obvious symptoms, but it can increase your risk for conditions that do have symptoms, including heart disease, stroke and other ailments.

The first most people know about having high cholesterol is when it is picked up during routine blood tests. However, many people don't know about their cholesterol problem until they develop other problems or have a heart attack.


These are currently the medical answer to reducing cholesterol, with approximately one in three people prescribed the drug by the time they are 40. However not everyone can tolerate statins, with common side effects being nausea, aching muscles and fatigue. A recent survey found that 77% of adults stopped their statin medications because of these side effects.



  • High cholesterol remains one of the biggest risk factors for Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD), which kills around 300,000 people each year or is responsible for 1 in 2 of all deaths.
  • About half of all deaths from CVD are from Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and about a quarter are from stroke.
  • Around 2.3 million people are currently living with CHD in the UK alone.
  • High cholesterol has no symptoms – you cannot feel the effects it can have on your arteries and your heart, hence it"s name "The Silent Killer".
  • Prevention is always better than cure. Preventing CVD is possible by lowering cholesterol levels.
  • A recent survey found that 77% of adults stopped their statin medications because of the fear of side effects from the long-term use of these medications.
  • Common side effects of statins include nausea, aching muscles and fatigue.
  • Lowering cholesterol slows the fatty build-up in the arteries and can help reduce the build-up already there.
  • Almost everyone can benefit from lowering their cholesterol.

Perfect Vascular Natural

"The Perfect Vascular Natural" product helps lower cholesterol and triglycerides in (my) patients who can't tolerate statins but are exposed to an increased risk of vascular disease in a safe and tolerable way. " - Dr Cuozzo, Cardiologist.

Who can benefit from lowering blood cholesterol?

Almost everyone can benefit from lowering his or her blood cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol slows the fatty build-up in the arteries and can help reduce the buildup already there.

Perfect Vascular Natural All in One provides a real and efficacious way to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and is ideal for those who wish to take control of their own heart health with a natural supplement.

Endorsed by leading heart specialists, Perfect Vascular Natural All in One is based on a unique, patent approved combination of 3 all-natural products, Red Yeast Rice, Plant Sterols and Co Enzyme Q10, all of which have shown in extensive independent clinical trials to reduce total cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides in line with mainstream treatments.

Pefect Vascular Natural All In One's combination of superior quality priority blend ingredients, with Co Q10 is what truly sets Perfect Vascular Natural apart from other products.

As well as supporting healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels, this potent combination includes powerful antioxidants to support the body's response to free radical damage, which has been shown to have a role in arterial integrity.

For clinical trial information on CO Q10 click here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25282031

How Perfect Vascular Natural Works

Formula Ingredient

Red Yeast Rice

Shown in multiple clinical trials to reduce total cholesterol including LDL and trigylcerides in line with prescription medication, red yeast rice is an excellent source of naturally occurring cholesterol maintenance compounds. The fact that there is a combination of these compounds means they work in synergy to have a more natural activity in the body, unlike some mainstream treatments.

Plant Sterols (or phytosterols)

Again, clinical trials have proved that phytosterols significantly reduce cholesterol. Found in all plants, phytosterols share a similar chemical structure to cholesterol. Studies demonstrate that consumption of phytosterols, by inhibiting the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, have a favourable affect on both cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


A nutritional supplement that is popular around the world, research has shown a link between cases of heart problems and associated deficiency of Co Q10. Statins lower cholesterol by blocking HMGR, the enzyme responsible for cholesterol production in the liver. However, blocking HMGR also inhibits production of CoQ10 and other compounds. This has been suspected in numerous statin-use side effects, including myopathy, anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome and temporary memory loss.

Secondly, CoQ10 has documented antioxidant properties useful against the oxidation of lipids, such as LDL. A study published in JACC, Dec. 2014, highlights the improved symptoms and reduction in adverse cardiovascular events in chronic heart failure patients with CoQ10. In addition, published data in UBM Medica US Insights, found that CoQ10 is recommended 40.0% of the time when clinicians recommend a supplement or vitamin to their patients.

Supplementary Notes

All three ingredients of the product are sourced through the same manufacturer to ensure consistency, highest quality and compliance with governmental agencies on raw material pre-manufacturing qualification.

Each batch of the product has a Certificate of Analysis certifying that the supplement meets necessary standards, including Monacolin K levels at < .1% in compliance with FDA requirements as a market dietary supplement.


There is no existing product like Perfect Vascular Natural All in One in the market today and addresses competitive efficacy through the support of Dr. Scott Eisenberg, a Board Certified Practicing Cardiologist and Lipidologist, having clinically tested the product over four years with 2000 prescribed patients. A retrospective analysis of a subset of 50 patients on AIO, looking at lipid panel at baseline, and follow up, lipid particle size and tabulate results is available as Data on File.

The span of time between baseline and follow-up ranged from between 8 weeks to 144 weeks, which further supports the product’s efficacy, safety and tolerability within the regimen.

A 100% natural product, which helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, with no reported side effects. A patent approved formula comprising naturally sourced, clinically trialled ingredients to prove safety and efficacy. Used and endorsed by world leading heart specialists. Providing a real and efficacious alternative for those wishing to maintain their heart health.

Clinical Trial

Perfect Vascular Natural has been clinically used by leading Cardiologists in the US over 4 years and across 2000 patients. Results have showed on average LDL reductions of 25-40% as well as average reductions in triglycerides between 10-30% and an increase in HDL of 5-10%.

The Perfect Vascular Natural is set to undergo a full double blind placebo medical trial run by a leading CRO in the UK.

Medical Conditions & Disclaimer

The medical and health information presented on this web site is meant for general educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your physician or other healthcare professionals. It is recommended that anyone with a medical condition should consult their physician or therapist before making any change to prescribed medication. If you are unsure this is right for you consult a doctor or health care professional before taking this or any dietary supplement. We do not claim to diagnose treat, cure,heal or prevent any disease. This is a natural product, therefore results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.

*These statements have not yet been evaluated by the FDA.

Perfect Vascular Natural Testimonials

Dr. Scott Eisenberg - Cardiologist and Lipologist

I have been utilising Vascular Natural All in One for over three years in my practice with impressive results. I have approximately 2000 patients currently on Vascular Natural All in One for control of my patient’s cholesterol with about an 82% retention rate.

I have utilised Vascular Natural All in One in patients who are naive to statin regimens and are newly diagnosed with mild to moderate hypercholesterolemia, those patients who are not at goal with current statin treatment for combination treatment. Also there is a percentage of patients in my practice that do not want to take a statin or are intolerant, which in all of these patient types I have found in my clinical experience, Vascular Natural All in One provides me an alternative to my current armamentarium.

Do to the composition of an all-natural, plant based product my patients, I feel, are much more motivated to be on a regime like Vascular Natural as opposed to statin therapy. Similarly due to the extremely low side effect rate my patients are much less likely to discontinue do to the side effect issues.

In my practice, I have seen on average LDL reductions of 25-40%, as well as average reductions in triglycerides between 10-30% and an increase in HDL of 5- t0%.

I endorse Vascular Natural All in One to the group of patients who are either statin intolerant or statin naive but desire a more natural, healthier and safer alternative for their low to moderate Cardiovascular risk.


Dr. Gregory Cuozzo - MD

I have been affiliated with Vascular Natural for almost three years now. My initial interest in this company and their all in one cholesterol lowering product revolved around a growing subset of patients with high cholesterol who had tried multiple statin drugs but were not able to continue any of them because of disabling side effects.

The combination of red yeast rice and plant sterols, combined with CoO10 seemed like a reasonable and important option for this group. Red yeast rice and plant sterols are well known to lower cholesterol and CoQ10 may help prevent side effects of cholesterol lowering medicines. I have seen LDL reductions of approximately 30% and triglyceride reductions ranging from small percentages to as much as 60% reductions.

The all in one product helps lower cholesterol and triglycerides in patients who can’t tolerate statins but are exposed to an increased risk of vascular disease in a safe and tolerable way.


Ann Smith

My partner, Maureen Treacy (6 Loughton Road, Bradwell Village MK13 9AA), has ordered supplies of this for my use, since last October, and she says you would be interested to hear from me on the results of using this.

I have to say I am delighted with this product. In 2011 my cholesterol levels rose to 6.4 from what had been an average of 4.7 in earlier years. In September 2012 a fasting cholesterol test came back at 6.5 and by October 2013 this had risen to 7.1, all of which was attributed to effects of aging ( I am now 64 years old) as my diet was quite good and I got regular exercise.

My doctor put me on statins in November 2013. I tried two different products over a course of 6 or 7 months but both caused considerable side effects of dizziness so I agreed with my GP to stop taking these and to monitor my cholesterol levels regularly. In September 2014 this had risen again, this time to 6.9, with HDL of 1.6 (ratio = 4.3).

We saw a report of Perfect Vascular Natural in the Saga magazine last October and Maureen ordered some. I have been taking these since the beginning of November. Last week I had a non-fasting finger-prick cholesterol test at my GP surgery as part of a wider health survey and the readings were 4.85 with HDL at 1.34 (ratio = 3.6). I was surprised and absolutely delighted at the improvement in just over two months. My GP wants me to have another, fasting, cholesterol test in three months (sometime in April) and I will be very keen to see the results then.

I am delighted with the effects of Perfect Vascular Natural in reducing my cholesterol to what had been my normal levels some years back. I have absolutely no side effects, I feel good and am very happy that this supplement is proving so effective. Perfect Vascular Natural is now, and will remain, an integral part of my health plan, along with eating healthily and getting increased regular exercise. The fact that it is a natural product, extracted from plant sources, further recommends Perfect Vascular Natural to me!

Thank you for an excellent product. I have been telling friends and family about it. I will be happy to report future results if you wish and if these contribute to your overall data collection for this product.


Desiree Land - NJ, USA

I have been taking Vascular Natural All in One product for about 12 months as recommended by my physician. My original baseline cholesterol levels where 240, and after being compliant with the Vascular Natural All in one regimen of 4 capsules daily, m cholesterol levels have reduced dramatically to under 200 in as little as 6 months.

I am pleased with the quality of the product, the results and no side effects of this all natural approach to lowering cholesterol levels naturally.

I strongly recommend you your ask healthcare professional if Perfect Vascular Natural All in One is right for you.


Dr. Gilbert Mettler - Washington, NH. USA

As an individual with moderately elevated cholesterol and triglycerides I recently discovered Perfect Vascular Natural All-in-One product.

Unable to tolerate standard statin therapy due to myalgia and hepatic dysfunction I tried numerous natural preparations without success.

Pharmaceutical grade fish oil was able to lower my lipid profile 10%.

To my amazement, with the addition of Vascular Naturals All-In-One product I was able to lower my total cholesterol and triglycerides an additional 20% after ONLY 4 – 6 weeks without any myalgia or additional side effects.

The All-In-One product Vascular Natural has proven to have a dramatic impact on my life. I highly recommend the product.


Anthony J. Alfieri - NJ, USA

I have been taking Crestor for 2 years and wanted a Natural solution to lower my cholesterol and get off of statins. After discussing options with my physician, he told me about Perfect Vascular Natural AIO product. My original baseline cholesterol level was 240, now my cholesterol level has reduced dramatically to 200, which my physician is pleased with my results after 3 months.