Perfect Aloe Matrix (PAM) is a revolutionary new Aloe Gel Powder contained in a small capsule. Developed by Dr Ivan Danhof the world’s leading expert on Aloe Vera and natural herbal remedies. This revolutionary herbal dietary supplement is now believed to be the finest and most effective Aloe Vera Product currently available anywhere in the world.

An excellent daily supplement to help maintain a Healthy Well-Being & Immune System

Perfect Aloe Matrix capsules may help when taken regularly with:

Irritable Bowel Symptoms. Diabetes. Allergies. Problem Skin. Wound Healing. Scare Tissue. Joint Inflammation. Boosting Energy Levels. Strengthening The Immune System.

Perfect Aloe Matrix helps Improve Ailments NATURALLY without Pain Killers or Prescription Drugs.

Perfect Aloe Matrix capsules are different because this exclusive formula enables the processing of Aloe Vera without depleting any of the plant´s natural curative properties. 100% inner active Aloe Vera gel no additives or fillers.

Just 1 capsule of Perfect Aloe Matrix is equivalent to 60mls mls of high grade quality aloe juice. So no bulky bottles no bitter taste. 1 tub of 60 250 mg capsules is equivalent to 2 litres of high quality Aloe Juice/gel.

Maintenance - Take 1 capsule a day ( 2 months supply ). More severe conditions 2 – 4 capsules daily may be required.

Vegetarian , Halal , Kosher and meets all organic requirements.


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Perfect Aloe Matrix

After years of study and development the revolutionary herbal dietary supplement Perfect Aloe Matrix ™(PAM) , Aloe Vera capsules, have arrived. Specially formulated by Dr Ivan Danhof*, known as ‘the Father of Aloe', this digestive Aloe Vera breakthrough is designed to help you break free from:

Irritable Bowl … erratic blood sugar levels … Allergies … high cholesterol … Weak Immune System … stomach ulcers … Acid Reflux …constipation … Crohn's … Bloating … inflamed joints …Heartburn … high blood pressure … Ulcerative Colitis …and many other gastrointestinal & chronic conditions.

Perfect Aloe Matrix ™(PAM) capsules are a simple, easy to take, smart approach to healthy living and healthy digestion. Its positive effects are often noticed almost instantly and the capsules boast impressive, long-lasting results due to their expert development and the chosen geographical location that the aloe vera plants are sourced from (North East Mexico). It is even family and pet friendly. so that all your family can benefit from healthier skin and well-being.

What Is So Special About Aloe Vera

Often called the 'miracle plant' or the 'natural healer', because of the medicinal properties it displays, Aloe Vera's benefits have been known for centuries. It was used to great effect by Greek and Roman physicians, as well as the ancient Chinese and Indians. Today the maintenance of a healthy digestive system is being seen as key factor to good health.

The maldigestion of food not only means that insufficient nutrients and energy reach the cells in the body, but that food remnants remain in the gut. These food remnants may contribute towards irritation of the intestine and provide a breeding ground for candida and parasites. Candidas produce toxins that increase digestion dysfunction, and may contribute towards food allergies and fatigue. The immune system can become depressed dealing with these problems, as well as undigested protein leaked into the lymph and general circulatory systems, due to increased gut permeability caused by intestinal irritation. If not addressed these problems will tend to worsen.

The Mucopolysaccharides in Aloe Vera act as a potent anti-inflammatory agent, helping to stop the damage and leakage of the intestinal wall, thereby helping to normalise the digestive system, which reduces the stress on the immune system.

Dr Ivan Danhof PhD, MD, generally acknowledged as the world's leading authority on the Aloe Plant, states that quality Aloe Vera works from within and may help:

  • Regulate The Colon
  • Re-Build The Immune System
  • Clean The Small Intestine
  • Stimulate Cell Regeneration
  • Flush The Liver & Kidneys
  • Remove Stored Fats & Toxins
  • Kill Unfriendly Bacteria & Viruses
  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Aloe Vera's scientifically proven properties have already helped thousands of people worldwide experience tremendous improvements in helping address such problems as:

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Skin Conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Tiredness
  • General Digestive Problems

Also taken as an excellent daily supplement to help maintain a Healthy Well-Being - Immune System and can be used to detox the body of harmful toxins. Cleanse from the inside to improve & maintain good health.

To view scientific papers describing the uses and powers of the Aloe Vera Plant, including those by Dr Ivan Danhof Research click on this link: Aloe Vera Natures Medicine Chest

Aloe Vera is not claimed to be a "cure-all", but is adaptogenic, and as such, has the ability to help most people. Vegetarians can also benefit from the vitamin B12 naturally contained in Perfect Aloe Matrix ™(PAM). B12 is vital to the body for the production of blood cells and the nervous system. Lack of vitality, weakness, mental confusion are the classic B12 deficiency symptoms.

What Is the Perfect Aloe Matrix?

Perfect Aloe Matrix ™(PAM) is an organic Aloe Gel Powder contained in a small capsule, this concentrated organic high level grade Aloe Gel powder capsule is freeze dried to keep the aloe polysaccharides, amino acids and nutrients at their most active for higher absorption. It is a herbal dietary supplement certified to the highest standards, which does not contain any kind of additives nor preservatives and has been certified by USDA Organic, Organic to the farm, JAS Organic, International aloe science council, CCIM Seal of Halal, Calidad, and Kosher.

Perfect Aloe Matrix ™has been specially formulated by Dr.Ivan Danhof using all of his 30 yrs of knowledge. This exclusive new formula enables the processing of Aloe Vera without depleting any of the plant´s natural curative properties. Studies carried out by the North Texas Research laboratory support the results obtained by our advanced total Process technology, which allow us to guarantee quality products.

Dr. Ivan E. Danhof

Often quoted as the “Father of Aloe”, Ivan E. Danhof, Ph.D., M.D. is the world's leading expert on Aloe Vera and natural herbal remedies with over 30 years of laboratory research and extensive practical experience. Dr. Danhof's work is frequently referenced in research literature and marketing materials; the product formulations presented here are licensed directly from his laboratory for the first time.

He has published more than 80 research papers and served as a consultant to several pharmaceutical research institutes. He acted as a consultant to the Food and Drug Administration, serving on review panels and committees dealing primarily with the approval of gastrointestinal drugs. As a result of his unique training and background Dr. Danhof has become recognized as one of the world's foremost experts on medically active herbal molecules, and in particular the functional components in Aloe Vera. Dr. Danhof is a highly sought speaker on the discovery of the unique molecules in Aloe Vera that earned it the global reputation of the potted physician.

What Makes the Perfect Aloe Matrix Different

Although many products contain Aloe Vera, it is often used in insufficient quantities for the plants healing properties to be truly beneficial. Perfect Aloe Matrix ™ is an exclusive new formula which allows processing of the Aloe Vera plant to take place without loosing any of the plant’s natural curative properties. Importantly, the Aloe plants used in our production are grown in Mexico on virgin soil. The land, having not been used for many years for the production of cotton, is very rich in nutrients required to produce a quality harvest incorporating younger plants (2 years instead of five to six in most plantations). The crops are all grown under organic conditions, without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

During this New Revolutionary Approach, The Aloe Leaves Are Hand-Filleted by the traditional labour intensive method. Taking this approach ensures that the highest possible concentrations of desirable properties are captured from the Aloe leaves. The green rinds and the mucilage layer from the able top are processed by a newly developed proprietary methodology. A combination of the products produced by these two procedures produces the aloe product called the Perfect Aloe Matrix, which contains an enviably high concentration of desirable constituents which are virtually free of undesirable laxative anthraquinones.

In part, the high concentration of desirable constituents reflects the ideal growing conditions and nutritional factors available to the aloe plants in the beautiful Jaumave Valley of north east Mexico. The traditional hand filleted methodology, coupled with the newly developed proprietary handling of the refuse of the traditional methods (green rinds and able-top mucilage), and a geographical area where aloe plants thrive, have been combined in achieving the superior quality of the Perfect Aloe Matrix Aloe Vera capsules.

This revolutionary new approach has led to a fantastic new Aloe Vera product with higher absorption that is easy to take, eliminating the need for bulky bottles.

What Can Be Experienced By Taking Perfect Aloe Matrix?

No one is claiming that Aloe Vera is a ‘cure-all’ , but it should be noted that aloe is adaptogenic, and as such, has the ability to help most people. Many satisfied users have reported that they have experienced tremendous improvements by taking Aloe Vera in helping to address problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. (1 in 5 people in the UK suffers with some form of IBS). Aloe Vera can also help with conditions such as arthritis, stress, tiredness, skin conditions and any general digestive problems.

Aloe Vera contains 19 of 20 AMINO ACIDS Needed By The Body, (often now deficient in food) and seven of the eight essential ones that just cannot be made. Thus the body is able to get enough to allow complex enzyme systems to work really well, enabling the body to function at 100%. The net result to the individual is a feeling of well-being.

Aloe Vera contains VITAMINS B , C, E, and Folic Acid. As well as Folic Acid, Aloe naturally contains a range of vitamins, including C, E, and elements of vitamin B12 which is not commonly found in plants. These vitamins cannot be stored by the body, and so need to be constantly replaced through the food we eat. With our busy schedules it is not always easy to eat the balance of foods that contains these much needed vitamins.

Aloe Vera contains MINERALS Potassium, Chromium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Iron, Manganese, Copper & Zinc., These are contained within the Aloe plant because the virgin soil within the growing areas are rich in these minerals, so the plant’s roots are able to absorb them efficiently, giving great benefit to the human body when ingested.

Aloe Vera is a natural ANTI-INFLAMMATORY & PAINKILLER.Along with the natural substances that are identified in the Aloe Vera plant are several that offer an anti-inflammatory and painkilling effect. People that take it on a regular basis have found relief from inflammatory bowel and bone conditions.

Aloe Vera is an ANTIVIRAL. Within the mucilage layer of the leaf, (mucilage is a thick gluey substance produced by nearly all known plants) is a long chain of sugar or polysaccharide, which has the ability to help defend us from a variety of viruses from the most straightforward to the more complex ones.

Aloe Vera INCREASES Cell Activity that Creates Collagen and Elastin, helping Smoothing and Clearing The Skin. Specialist cells in the skin known as Fibroblasts do a job producing fibre, such as collagen and elastin. The fibres produced give our skin it’s structure which in-turn give it a plump and elastic look. From a cosmetic view this helps to give that youthful look again, but just as importantly they are used to heal wounds. The fibres create a matrix like mesh which the newly growing skin cells fill to close the wound. By taking Aloe Vera these fibres are naturally stimulated to reproduce much faster, reducing healing time by up to a third compared to healing time without Aloe.

Aloe Vera Regulates and BALANCES Bacteria In The GUT. Known as the natural balancer of the gut, Aloe regulates the bacteria and yeast that inhabits it. At times in life people may develop an imbalance for various reasons which can lead to a variety of health problems. As with probiotics, Aloe may help to restore the balance that the body needs, which Smooths Bowel FUNCTION, often Eradicating PAIN!

Aloe Vera Promotes A Healthy Digestive Tract. This assists in healthy digestion, enabling the gut to absorb nutrients, contained in the food we eat, into the bloodstream more effectively. Clinical evidence shows by introducing Aloe Vera to the body the bowel is able to absorb the nutrients more effectively, more so protein.

Perfect Aloe Matrix ™ has taken over 20 years of research and has been perfected to the highest standards. So:

  • If you’ve been suffering for years or decades
  • If you’ve tried every medical solution under the sun without relief
  • If you think it’s time to end your digestive misery and take back control of your life?
  • If you are sick and tired of the chemical prescription medications and chalky drinks that provide little relief and wear you down with dangerous side effects?
  • If it's time to enjoy eating again.
  • If it’s time to enjoy your life again, filled with energy and vigor, with a clear and happy mind that is unburdened by the weight of chronic poor health.

There has never been a better time to start taking Perfect Aloe Matrix.

Ingredients of Perfect Aloe Matrix

Each Capsule Contains:

  • Perfect Aloe Matrix Extract 200:1 Powder 250mg.
  • Higher concentrations of total solids, Calcium, Magnesium and Malic Acid. Magnesium Stearate (Veg) as flowing agent.
  • Hypomellose (Veg) Capsule Shell.

Just 1 capsule is equivalent to 120 mls of high grade quality aloe juice.

Vegetarian , Halal , Kosher and meets all organic requirements.

How to take Perfect Aloe Matrix.

One capsule is the amount recommended for daily maintenance but for more severe conditions 2 – 4 capsules daily may be required.

Perfect Aloe Matrix positive effects are often noticed almost instantly, these Aloe Vera capsules boasting impressive, long-lasting results due to their expert development and the chosen geographical location that the Aloe Vera plants are sourced from. Suitable for the whole family as well as pets. Can also be taken as an excellent daily supplement to help maintain a healthy well being, or to help detox the body of harmful toxins.