Which Collagen Supplement Is Best

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Collagen Type II Limitations

Collagen Type II has a limited ability by itself as for example cartilage is not one kind of cartilage but four. Therefore, any product which only supplied a single type of collagen would be very limited. Dr. Jean-Yves Leroux, well known Canadian collagen research expert and immunologist.

Scientists have known of collagen Type II limitations, which is one reason they have concentrated on derivatives, such as glucosamine. According to well known Canadian research scientist, Dr. Jean Yves Leroux, the derivative will perform much better than just the collagen component alone, however there is a better alternative.

The More Superior Collagen Matrix

A collagen matrix is a safe, formulated substance that stimulates the production of many different kinds of collagens in the body. The collagen matrix, formulated from pure collagen, produces incredible results in the human body when used on a regular basis. Results are usually seen within a few days to weeks. It seems that the mechanism for action by the collagen matrix is its effect on the white blood cells located within the GALT (gut-activated lymphoid tissue) that is part of our immune system. As we age the immune system, along with free radicals, begins attacking the body's cartilage, inducing many of the collagen diseases that we have discussed. When the collagen matrix is introduced into the body, the cells doing the attacking devour some of the new collagen Type II cells that are produced and then identify them as a friend and not an enemy. The immune system is then alerted to stop attacking the collagen Type II. Ultimately, this decreases the number of incidents partly responsible for the inflammation reaction in arthritis and other joint pains.

A matrix-produced collagen's supply of proteoglycans also inhibits blood vessel formation in joints and reduces enzyme attacks on the cartilage. This produces a rejuvenation of the cartilage-producing cells and a decrease in the destruction of the joints. These same proteoglycans also increase the thickness and lubricating effectiveness of the synovial fluid, the lubricating fluid of the joints.

As an added plus, an effective collagen matrix supplement such as Pure-Col in its pure form, cold-pressed and non-pasteurized, also floods the body with free radical inhibitors. Unfortunately, all but one of the collagen products on the market ruins much of its efficiency by pasteurization and by adding it to a liquid. That is the bad part. The good part is that we only need one product.

Collagen Products Are Not All the Same

Not all collagen supplement products are the same, there being a wide variance in effective collagen absorption, most in the neighbourhood of twenty percent.

There are only two collagen products that are of help in weight loss, injury repair, and skin enhancement. One is a Type II liquid collagen and the other is the collagen matrix delivered in capsule form, such as Pure-Col.

Pure-Col is the best of the products because it is, first of all, a collagen matrix. It stimulates production of all kinds of collagen rather than furnishing only one of the fourteen. Pure-Col is produced from pure collagen through a difficult formulation process which foregoes the pasteurization and immersion in liquid. The end product is Pure-Col, which has been demonstrated to have the highest bio-availability (95%) of any of the collagen products, including the liquid.

A little known fact is that any type of collagen, especially Type II, begins to degrade the moment it is exposed to liquid. Thus, liquid preparations made with this kind of collagen start degrading immediately. To stop this, fillers, preservatives, and other ingredients are added to slow the process. This additional processing causes a negative bio-conversion, which limits the product's effectiveness.

In a very significant three-month study that compared Pure-Col with a liquid and a market collagen, Dr. Stephen Ho, a well known trauma physician, evaluated the results using five groups of test subjects. Each group consisted of 30 subjects, all similar in size, weight, health condition, age, and gender.

The first group was given the Pure-Col product to be taken over a 90-day period; the second group took the liquid collagen; the third group received a common drug store market collagen supplement; and the fourth group was given a placebo composed of neutral ingredients; while the fifth group (the control group) was given nothing at all.

A physical history was taken before and after the 90 day study to compare the groups. The Pure-Col Group scored the best, followed by the liquid collagen, the market collagen, the placebo, and then the control group. The study was independent, and Dr. Ho was not paid by any commercial entity for conducting it.


The collagen matrix and collagen Type II work. The matrix is better. Independent research has shown Pure-Col to be the most usable and easiest to assimilate of all the collagen products available in the market place.

Medical Conditions & Disclaimer

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