What is Pure Col?

Sanctum Health
Pure-Col is a hydrolysed collagen matrix, each capsule containing 400mg of 100% pure hydrolysed pharmaceutical grade Collagen in powder form.

Pure-Col is formulated through a complex process which is the result of over 20 years research and development. This has resulted in a pure product with very high bio-availability leading to over 95% absorption, compared to some collagens that have less than 15% absorption. Due to it's formulation Pure-Col can be absorbed directly as it enters the stomach, avoiding the diminishing effects of acid breakdown from further digestion.

Pure-Col is the premium collagen product available, and in a 90 day trial by Dr. Stephen Ho Pure-Col was found to be far superior to liquid or the market collagens. He also concluded that Pure-Col, taken on a regular basis, resulted in a more youthful appearance and feeling. Pains were reduced along with a significant decrease in body weight and body fat. He also reported that the group taking Pure-Col experienced a more restful and longer sleep period and more energy during the activity hours.