The Perfect Aloe Matrix

Sanctum Health

Developed by Dr Ivan Danhof the world’s leading expert on Aloe Vera and natural herbal remedies. This revolutionary herbal dietary supplement is now believed to be the finest and most effective Aloe Vera Product currently available anywhere in the world.

Sanctum Health are now in a position to offer this fantastic product to marketplace. Aloe has been well recognised for many for its therapeutic benefits in being able to assist many conditions, including skin problems.

What makes The Perfect Aloe different?

The Aloe plants used in our production are grown in Mexico on virgin soil. The land, having not been used for many years for the production of cotton, is very rich in nutrients required to produce a quality harvest incorporating younger plants (2 years instead of five to six in most plantations). The crops are all grown under organic conditions, without the use of herbicides or pesticides and the land is irrigated by water which comes from 4 different mountain ranges.

What benefits can be experienced by taking The Perfect Aloe Matrix

No one is claiming that the Aloe Vera is a cure all, but it should be noted that aloe is adaptogenic, and as such, has the ability to help most people. Many Aloe users have reported that they have experienced tremendous improvements by taking Aloe Vera in helping to address problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (1 in 5 people in the UK suffers with some form of IBS). Aloe Vera helps to maintain healthy joints, skin , hair ,and bowels. The quality of the Perfect Aloe Matrix ensures your getting the very best of Aloe Vera.

The government is currently broadly promoting the fact that the nation needs to start taking an interest in its own health, and that there has been a possible over use of antibiotics, so there has never been a better time to start taking The Perfect Aloe Matrix. 

We suggest that you use The Perfect Aloe Matrix on a daily basis.  Just 1 capsule of Perfect Aloe Matrix is equivalent to 120 mls of high grade quality aloe juice. So no bulky bottles.1 tub of 60 250 mg capsules is equivalent to 2 litres of high quality Aloe Juice/gel.