Taking Care of your Joints

Sanctum Health

Lots of us suffer with joint pain at some time or other. And, with symptoms often made worse by cold weather, many of us are experiencing problems with our joints at this time of year. If you’re currently suffering with sore knees or achey hips, you’re definitely not alone.

Indeed, 10 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with arthritis, with 8.5 million affected by the most common form of the condition – osteoarthritis. But joint problems can affect us all, especially if we put a lot of strain on our joints through certain activities like high impact sport such as running. It’s tempting to pop some painkillers and get on with our lives, but drugs can only really offer a short term solution – there are steps you can take to help get to the root of the issue and improve your overall joint health.

Why is my sore knee worse in the winter?

Doctors are not sure why joint pain is felt more acutely in cold weather, but many people report an increase in their symptoms in lower temperatures. One theory is that because we often have a tendency to feel a little depressed in the winter months, this makes everything feel worse – including medical conditions.

That’s not to say “it’s all in the mind” – but that by improving our general mental state we improve our perception of pain.

Tips to improve joint health

A good way to improve mental wellbeing (and lessen our perception of pain) is to take regular exercise. However, it’s important to pick the right exercise if you have joint problems. Swimming, yoga, and pilates are all good for both mind and body. And they generally tend to take place indoors, so you don’t even have to get too cold.

Other non-drug treatments to improve joint health include physiotherapy and weight loss. Physiotherapy may well include some massage techniques, which is something you can also try at home with a suitable massage lotion. Aloe and Collagen Massage Lotion is particularly suitable if you suffer from joint pain due to its unique combination of Collagen, Aloe Vera and a number of herbal extracts that can provide relief from aches and pains. Taking an Aloe Vera capsule such as Perfect Aloe Matrix may also help improve joint problems naturally, without painkillers or prescription drugs, because of the plant’s natural anti-inflammatory properties. What can I say? Aloe Vera doesn’t get called the 'miracle plant' for nothing!

Another supplement that has been found to help with joint problems is pure collagen. More potent than most of the market, Pure-Col 100% Pure Collagen is taken by many sports people to help maintain joint, tendon and ligament condition. This is because collagen both protects cartilage from damage, and is also the crucial ingredient for repairing damaged joints. Collagen can also reduce oxidation damage to joints, which in turn reduces joint pain, tenderness and swelling.