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Jennifer Aniston



"Jennifer Anniston loves her collagen based anti-ageing fix" - News of the World, July 8th 2007




Faye Tozer

"I'm using Pure-Col to benefit my body inside and out"

Becky Lyne

  • Born 4/7/1982
  • Club Hallampshire Harriers
  • Events 800m , 1500m

"I am an international athlete and was voted Britains Female Athlete of the Year for 2006 following my bronze medal winning performance at the European Championships in the 800m. I am also the former European Under 23 800m champion, and at only 24 years of age I have a number of potentially successful years ahead of me. Indeed I expect to reach my peak around 2012.

I first read about the unique enhanced Amino Locked Pure-Col in a running magazine and was impressed by the benefits it is said to offer. Having suffered from a number of injuries in recent years I hope to gain from its tissue-strengthening properties to reduce the risk of future problems. This, together with the fact it may promote recovery from training, assist in the reduction of body fat, aid more restful sleep and increase energy levels, all mean that I am sure it is a product that can positively contribute to my athletics career.

I am now taking 3 Pure-Col Collagen capsules every night and hope I will also benefit from healthier skin, hair and nails - I would recommend Pure-Col to both men and woman who want to look and feel good naturally"

Karen Harewood

  • Born 9/8/75
  • Club Corby Athletics Club
  • Event 800m

I am an international athlete who came into the sport at the relatively late age of 27. I have always been conscious of taking in the best nutrition to ensure that I can get the best out of my body and reduce the risk of strain and overuse injuries.

However, some injuries cant be catered for, and during the European Indoor Championships, in March 2007, I was tripped in a freak accident during my 800m heat, which resulted in my left femur being broken.

I am currently undergoing an intensive rehabilitation programme to ensure that I am able to return to the track and fulfil my potential.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Pure-Col by fellow 800m runner, Becky Lyne, who thought that the regenerative effects offered by Pure-Col may be able to assist in speeding up my recovery time.

The purity of the product and the integrity of the company which produces it convinced me that Pure-Col was a product which I would benefit from. I am now taking Pure-Col capsules each night, and prior to my major session of the day. The side effect of improved skin, hair and nails is a welcome bonus which I view as a visible indication of the benefits which Pure-Col is delivering to me internally.

Robert Respinger

I have been taking Pure-Col Collagen for the past five years to help keep me pain free from any joint and arthritic pain. I play squash to a high level and it is important to me that I am able to continue playing.

I have been able to play continuously all this time without pain and hope to play on the circuit for years to come.

Yours sincerely
 Robert Respinger
 Over 40 squash champion