Proven Results with Perfect C

Sanctum Health

Results for young Women Ages 18 to 23 Considered to be the most sensitive group, this group is the most receptive and has shown extremely favourable results. In just three short months significant improvement in breast tissue mass can be expected. Within the first month you will notice an increase in fullness and firmness (this is a very good sign, this shows your body is reacting very positively to Perfect C). Throughout the second and third month your bust line will continue to increase in size and fullness.

Girls of this age are more sensitive to the active ingredients, therefore when they go for breast enlargement they should be very careful not to exceed the recommended dosage.

Results for Women Ages 23 to 35 The survey results were best for this group. Within the first 60 days of usage women experienced the greatest improvement overall in increasing size and fullness. Throughout the second and third month you can expect that your bust line will continue to increase in both size and fullness.

Results for Adult Women Aged 35 plus There was a slow progress for women in the first few weeks in terms of tissue mass or uplifting. However, during three to six months most women achieved their targets. These results included tightening of the skin in the breast area; that flattened the stretch marks and made them unnoticeable. It also smoothed wrinkled areas. Increased sex drive and fuller lips were also reported.

Extra Benefits

In addition to its effect on the bust, women also report benefits from Perfect C in relieving irregular or painful menstrual periods, cramping, bloating, mood swings, and menopausal symptoms. Accelerated hair and nail growth, as well as increased libido have also been experienced.


The Perfect C's results are permanent, however it is recommended that a continued reduced dosage (2 capsules, 3 times a week) is taken for one to two months after achieving your desired size.


While customers report maximum benefits within 3 - 8 months, we cannot guarantee results for everyone.

Perfect C is NOT a medicine or a drug and is not intended to treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease.