New boobs- Still Thinking About Them For 2014

Sanctum Health

Plastic surgery stats for 2013 are in - and breast augmentation surgery tops the charts yet again. Indeed, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reports that a staggering 11,123 boob jobs were performed last year, which is 13% rise on 2012 numbers. Not bad for a recession, hey? The bad news is that that's over 11 thousand women who weren't happy with their shape, who ended up resorting to major surgery. If you're sitting there thinking of heading down the same route - before you go under the knife - we've rounded up some top tips to help you make the most of the boobs you have and keep them looking their best, without needing to take drastic and expensive measures.


Invest in "engineered shapewear" (or "fancy bras")

OK, so we know underwear only helps when you're fully clothed - but it's amazing what a decent bra can do to your shape and self-esteem. Treat yourself to an afternoon in fancy underwear shops, get properly measured and fitted and see what the latest in bra-engineering can do for you. From padding and push-ups to more industrial strength shapewear, there is bound to be something for you to try.

Sleep well (on your back, and wearing a sleep bra)

Some experts believe that sleeping on your back can help prevent any chest wrinkles, and that wearing a bra especially designed for sleeping in can stop breasts from becoming saggy in the future.

Dress your way to bigger breasts

If you aren't blessed with the chest you desire, fake it with a well-chosen outfit. A high waisted skirt with a ruffly top can create the illusion of hourglass curves even if you don't possess them naturally.

Take a herbal supplement for natural breast enhancement

Natural supplements like Perfect C can help to enhance your breasts. Perfect C contains 16 natural plant extract ingredients to stimulate the growth of new breast tissue, while firming and tightening the bust area.

Accentuate the positives with make up

A little bit of bronzer blended carefully into your cleavage can create the illusion of a fuller chest. Highlighting makeup can also make the most of your breasts - creating a sense of curves as light reflects off the product.

Work out

A few simple exercises at the gym can really help to give your breasts a natural lift. Doing a series of chest, shoulders, back, and core exercises three to five times a week can make a real difference. Push ups, ab planks, and chest presses are three of the best exercises you can do to give your bust a boost.

Give yourself a breast massage

Some women report success of breast massage to help rejuvenate their busts. Breast massage is thought to help by boosting healthy breast growth and making the breasts flexible and firm.