Making the most of your mental health

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Making the most of your mental health - hints for happiness

With 2014 well under way, many of us are still feeling the financial squeeze, and working hard to pay off the Christmas credit card bills - it’s not hard to see why prescriptions for antidepressants surge in the months following Christmas.

But, fear not, because we've gathered our top tips for happiness to help you survive:

  • Keep a happiness journal you can do this in a traditional paper journal, or take part in online projects like #100happydays, which have been set up to collaborate over social media. To start your happiness journal, you simply keep a record of one thing (or more) each day that made you happy. Taking the time to document those things in our lives that make us smile, builds up an album that you can look back over and remind yourself that it’s not all doom and gloom.
  • Run! (Or walk, cycle, swim, go to the gym, etc.etc.) – Whether you set a weight loss resolution for 2014 or not, keeping active has been proven to have a positive impact on mental wellbeing (as well as all the other health benefits.) Have a go at something new like joining an exercise class, or set yourself a fitness goal, to help keep motivated.
  • Have a duvet day with a fresh new year, lots of us have a new year's worth of annual leave to use too. So if you feel like holing yourself up for a day, why not? Treat yourself to a day off, and spend it doing a few of your favourite things.
  • Treat your skin if the cold weather is taking its toll on your skin, check out our Winter Survival Guide
  • Eat well plan your meals to ensure you eat a healthy diet, which will make you feel better in mind and both. Even if you're not taking part in dry January, keeping your alcohol consumption to a moderate level can also make you feel more positive.
  • Boost your diet with a regular supplement - Pure Acai Berry Capsules are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and anthocyanins which help boost your system.
  • Keep in touch talking to friends and family about how you're feeling can make a real difference to your mental health.
  • Be kind to yourself take time out from life to do the things you enjoy. Stop beating yourself up about failed and often unrealistic New Year's resolutions, so cut yourself some slack, and think about resetting something more realistic.

Hang on in there - the summer is just round the corner!