How are Those New Year's Resolutions Going

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How are Those New Year's Resolutions Going.

With 2014 now well underway, many of us who resolved to do things differently in the year ahead may be finding it tough going. So if you're currently counting the calories, or have made a resolution to improve your general health and wellbeing - you're definitely not alone.

The bad news is that for many people, New Year's resolutions are doomed to fail.

The good news, though, is that we've pulled together five top tips to help you stick to your goals for this year:

    • 1. Break it down - rather than having a generic resolution to drink less or lose weight, work out the specifics of how you can get there. Breaking your resolution down into manageable steps with clear goals (things like only drinking on weekends, going to the gym three times a week) will help you stick to it.
    • 2. Be realistic - if you want to change your lifestyle long term, you need to make sure that the goals you set yourself are reasonable and realistic. Faddy crash diets will give you super quick results, but very low-calorie diets aren't sustainable and can cause you to pile on the lbs when you go back to eating a normal amount. It's more likely to work if you work out what steps you can see yourself taking now and throughout the year, and make those your goals - rather than aiming to drop a stone by February. If losing weight is what you want to achieve this year, weight loss supplements can help you kick-start your diet and get you to your target weight.
    • 3. Treat yourself - don't totally deprive yourself. Resolutions should be about improving your life, not making you feel fed up or like a failure. It can be hard work getting through the winter months anyway, and if you don't cut yourself any slack, at best you'll be struggling by the time February rolls around - at worst you'll have already given up. Rewarding yourself as you achieve steps towards your resolution will keep you cheerful and motivated along the way.
    • 4. Make some quick wins - rather than making daunting huge resolutions, accept some wins that are quick and easy. Things like filling up a big bottle of water when you get to work and drinking it throughout the day, or taking a regular supplement - getting into a good routine of taking Pure Col or Aloe Vera capsule is easily achievable and can make a big difference to your health and wellbeing.
    • 5. Accept failures
    • - even if you've broken down your resolution into manageable steps, sometimes you aren't going to meet them, for whatever reason. Accept this, and don't dwell on it when things don't go to plan - get straight back on the metaphorical horse and keep moving forward without thinking about what went wrong.

Good luck with whatever you've resolved to change!